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   Folks, like ol' Frisco here, you say             you've gotten tired of looking for the 
   cool links to the kind of friends, and the      music videos like you used to get only        at "the wide spot on the dial?"  
  Well travel south a few inches and look   around- you never know who you'll find.     But I do...  
  • KFAT is online right now. Hear old  tapes at: http://www.kfat.com, then click on "click here to listen"
  • "Weird Harold" has a Fat music show Mondays 1-3 PM at www.kmud.org
  • Shorty's Fat music show is on Sunday's 1-6 PM: 
Hey!  I know there's more music, video, articles, etc. out there.  If you know something we should know about, let me know on the Contact Page and I'll get it up here.  There's room for more.  Look down.  See?
  • When we were going off the air, SF NBC affiliate KRON came to Gilroy and shot this:
  • After all those years at fatchance.org, and all the comments, news, information and suggestions you've put up there, it would be a shame to lose all that, so I'm gonna try to make it so you can access all the comments from the three guestbooks I had there.  If it works, you can get there from here:
  • Yeah, we're on Facebook. Join the group. Not a group person? Me neither, but you'll like these people.  Go to Facebook and "search" for "KFAT":  http://www.facebook.com


  • Major Fathead Chester Proudfoot put thousands of hours of KFAT of Fat Frys, air-checks, etc.http://fatheadmusic.blogspot.com. Right before we went off the air I did a special "Chewin' the Fat" w/ a bunch of the DJs and Fat Folk, and it's the 1st two posts on Feb. 22.
      BUY KFAT 
  • A former KFAT sales staffer has some KFAT stickers and she's selling 'em. She says: "These are the stickers we gave out to fans at KFAT events etc. They have all the little sayings around the edges, are in excellent condition, they have been kept in the original packaging cellophane wrapper the printer shipped in. I have copied the shipping label on the package, and the date on the label is June 1979."  

         She sells them, and she's at: kfatstickers@yahoo.com

  • Cathy Rohm & Gary Oswald have a KFAT-based show on KFOK-FM on Fridays, 9-11 AM.
          They call it "Le Club Fat" and it's really good!  Check it out online at: www.kfok.org
AND: My friend Long John does Fat music proud at: www.pacificsites.com/~tubbytunes
Former KFAT DJ Rick Nagle (aka "Ranger Rick") is one of KKUP's (http://www.kkup.org/) "Swing Boogie"
crew (aka "Deadwood Dick"). He's working on establishing a noncommercial, community radio station in California's Great Central Valley (http://www.westsideradio.org/).