Yeah, that's me Chewin' the Fat, 1982 

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                                                THIS IS WHAT'S
                                                GOING ON NOW


A coupla weeks ago I was reading what my editor said in an email about the book, and he asked me a question about it that put the whole book into a philosophical area that I felt I did not want to deal with in an email or a phone call, so a week from today I leave for New York City, where I'll be working on the book with my editor.

I want to be in New York City in late January like I want leprosy, but there it is, and to make the book the best it can be, To NYC I go. Brrrr. Now ask yourselves: Is there any sacrifice I will not make for YOU PEOPLE???

ALSO: the group doing the work on the book has come up with a unique suggestion. When I told the woman in charge of the book cover design about the Fatheads' desire to contribute to the design of the cover, she said, "why don't we put up a few choices on a website dedicated to the cover design, and let them voice their opinions?"

So that's what we're gonna do. Sometime later this month or early in February, I'll tell you where to look for the design choices and where you can make your opinions known. While I'll still make the final decisions in all areas, your thoughts will be known,considered, valued and then mostly ignored. Just kidding. I'll take your thoughts with me into the final decisions. 

Now: who's your pal, who's your buddy? Gilbert is, that's who.

November 21, 2011:

Two weeks ago, I sent the book to a man in Brooklyn for editing, and I got my first feedback last night. He likes it A LOT so far. He's going to read through it first, making notes, then read it again for the real work. Sending it off was a bit like getting the AIDS test. You don';t think you have it, but until the five days is up and the test comes back...

And NO! I don't have AIDS! I don't know how long the editing process will take, but I'll update you here.

On November 28, when they get back from the Thanksgiving break, the company I want to hire to do the cover, the ebook and POD conversions for upload, create and upload the internet links (there's about 150 of 'em), create the photo sections (three), and do the legal review for possible lawsuits. This last will be necessary because the book deals with theft, drug use, pimping and other issues, and I name names and lawsuits could ensue. 

After all those years of trying to get this book out, this is very exciting for me. I'll update again when there's something to report. Let me know if you want to see the cover when it's ready- or let me know if you'd rather wait 
and see it when the book comes out. Remember that at KFAT, we always listened to listener's requests and I intend to maintain that tradition. Let me hear from you.

November 1, 2011:

The money is in the bank and the book is now on a schedule. I hope to have the book for sale by May or June at the latest, and I will put it out in three formats: ebook, POD, and audio book. You all know what ebooks and audio books are, and POD means Print On Demand. If you want a physical book in your hands, you will go to Amazon, click on books, click on FAT CHANCE, you look for my name to make sure you're getting the right FAT CHANCE, as there are others. But none of the others is about KFAT, so find my name and order the book. At that time, Amazon will print a copy and mail it to you.

It will be priced like any other hardback book, but there will be a slight difference. The photo sections will have to have the photos in Black & White on uncoated stock. Most of the books you've seen have coated stock, which is glossy, whether the photos are in color or B & W. Of course I'd prefer you to see the best pictures, and that would be on coated stock, but I want to sell the book for about $27 or $28, and if I insisted on coated stock, the book would cost you between $60 and $70, and anyone who'd rather pay that much should get in touch with me, in case I need a loan...

They assure me they are excellent images, and anyway, all the photos will be on the web- color and all- on this site and another, for easy viewing.

Also, the book has 150+ links that you can go to while you're reading, and for those of you with internet-capable eReaders like the Kindle and the Nook, you can see and hear the links as you read. For instance, in Chapter 29 I write about Buffalo Bob being too drunk to get through reading an ad on the air. 

When you see an underlined phrase in the book, that tells you there is a link there, so you go to the book's site (probably right here), click on Chapter 29, then click on too drunk, and you'll hear a recording of Bob drunkenly stumbling through an ad.

I've got links that are sound bites, songs, photos, station memos, court transcripts, letters, newspaper articles, police reports and etc. Pretty cool, eh? 

Also, the Downtown Gilroy Association is hoping to throw a book release party that will also be a KFAT Reunion. They're trying to get it together, and they're in the early stages of thinking abut this, so if you contact them with enthusiasm, they will react to it, and maybe we can all get together this summer: you, me and a buncha KFAT jocks. I know Chuck Wagon wants to play it, and so does Larry Hosford- and we haven't even asked for bands yet. Should be a good time, so please help to make it happen. 


1) I'm looking for recordings of the early jocks. Everyone has tape of the last months of KFAT- I'm looking for recordings of the earliest years. Anyone got one?

2) Looking for the KFAT ID with the Wizard of Oz. Got it?

3) Any photos you have that you think other Fatheads will want to see. Let me know. Thanks!

February, 2016

I have revised the book to make it a bit slimmer and a better read. I am currently working with a book designer to put it together and then the publicist will begin letting media people know it's out there. As some of you know, the original printing was ruined by the printer, whose error was in insufficiently binding the books in its initial printing run, and so the books I sent out to reviewers fell apart and I never got a review. This will correct that and let people know what happened in Gilroy between 1975 and 1983.            
March 1, 2012

The"Interior Files" (everything between the covers) is now in the hands of the production team that is putting the book together. Because the cover is
an especially important element in the sale of the book, I've been spending a LOT of effort to get it right. The art department has been generous with its time and support because they agree with my emphasis on making the best possible impression. The Fatheads will buy the book regardless of the cover, and I thank youse guys for that, but the people who weren't lucky enough to know the Fat One may need to be enticed into buying it. The cover design process in no way impedes the process, and we are still on track for a May/June book release.

If anyone has any KFAT memorabilia they think we'd all like to see, please get in touch with me now, 'cause once the files are done, I work on the internet links (there's about 150 of 'em) and that's where the photos, sound bites, whatever, will go. Anyone have any EARLY recordings of KFAT? Get in touch! 

And thank you for your continued support.