Hey! Welcome to the site for Fat Chance-                                            the best book ever written about KFAT.              
                                        Yeah- it's true!                                                                                     The image on the left means a lot to me.                                            The first staff walked out after 4 months,                                             and a new staff had to be found- quick. I                                             was there within a week, in January                                                    1976, and I was there when it went off the                                           air in January, 1983. My God- the people!                                           the stories! The triumphs and the                                                         tragedies...             
                                      Someone should write a book about it, and            I did, I'm really proud  of it and you will be, too. Please go to: 


Look, whoever calls KFAT unusual has lost the concept of unusual.
We were the last gasp of the Sixties and the birthplace of Americana Music. It was a wild ride that could never happen again and I know you'll enjoy the ride. We sure did.​

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